Musical Projects

Erica regularly participates in a number of Music Projects that are near and dear to her heart, both of her own creation, and guesting with Musical Friends.  She is a Guest Vocalist with 2 Time International Blues Challenge Winner Lionel Young’s band, as well as Tracksuit Wedding, one of Denver’s premier Rock-Roots bands. She also participates whenever she can as a guest vocalist with Slim Cessna’s Auto Club!  Also, she performs each year at “Signifyin’ Blues” a fundraiser for Jazz great Barbara Morrison’s Jazz and Blues Museum in Los Angeles! 
Erica is also currently in studio producing a musical and documentary Tribute to one of America’s foremost “Mothers of the Blues” Big Mama Thornton, and also occasionally fields her own Special Events bands, The Frails and Cast Iron Queens.  Stay tuned for more info on these exciting Projects!!
The Phirejets are stoked to bring you our own brand of “Classic-Style” Rock ‘n’ Roll. With the release of our debut album, Cosmos, we’ve reached across genres to explore what happens when Rock music and the human condition come together with the mysteries and marvels of our Universe!
Erica is honored to sing lead vocals on this project, and deeply thanks Philip Beaver for thinking she was the one for this Labor of Love!