Erica was blessed to be the Vocalist to sing the first song of their married lives to Brandy and Wesley Schultz as they came back down the aisle at their wedding this last June 2014.  Brandy, who is co-owner of Adventure Nannies, a worldwide child-care service, and Wesley, Lead singer for the band The Lumineers, were wed at Pastures of Plenty Organic Farms in Colorado.  These images come to us courtesy of the incredible Mr. Hardy Klahold, whose photography vividly captures the love these two share, and their emotion of the surprise song from Erica, which was the timeless classic “At Last”.

In Brandy’s Words:
“Erica sang a powerful rendition of “At Last” to my husband and I just after we said “I Do”.  It was a beautiful surprise that became one of the most touching moments of the day.  There was not a dry eye between us, and I can’t thank her enough for making the day so special!  Erica is a truly gifted performer.”


From: Grace Kelley and Luke Mickelson — JUNE 14, 2014 — Timber Ridge-Keystone, CO!

Luke and I can’t thank y’all enough…Erica Brown, Dan Treanor, and the rest of the band for making our wedding one of the most fun nights of our lives!  Luke and I saw Afrosippi with Dan and Erica for the first time at South Pearl Blues and Brews in Denver and had to figure out if they played smaller/ more personal events right away…I literally walked up to Erica after the show and asked her right there I was so sure!   She was so enthusiastic, responsive, and easy to work with and I can’t even start to try to explain how they captured soul and energy in each moment they played.  We knew they were going to be perfect for our wedding and we’d definitely recommend them to ANYONE that likes good energy, good music, good dancing, and a very talented band.  I knew it was going to be a special night when I ran into Erica at the base of the gondola before the wedding and was embraced by a hug of excitement…The night couldn’t have been better!  As soon as they started playing and Erica started singing the first dance song everyone was blown away.  Thank you so much for being flexible and learning a few of our favorites to personalize and share at the wedding as we did our first few dances.  I walked up on a few of my friends who were dancing that night and someone turned around and said “Grace, WHERE did you find this band?!  They are AMAZING!”  I still have friends asking me about y’all because they were so moved by the music y’all played and sang!  Everyone had SOOO much fun dancing and were thrilled to have energetic music that wasn’t ALL radio edits or pop songs…i know for a fact we would have kept dancing if the venue didn’t shut down! Thank you for being original, thank you for being intentional, and thank you for making our wedding the most SPECIAL day ever. It definitely would not have been the same without y’all being there! We can’t wait to need another reason to celebrate so we can share y’all again!
Love, Luke and Grace