A Song or Two

Do you have an event that only requires “A Song or Two?”

At Last (Mack Gordon & Harry Warren, 1941). Popular Arrangement by Riley Hampton 1960.
This ACAPELLA version recorded by Erica Brown at Sound Stream Studios 2014 – Gary Flori, Engineer. 
Also, please see the Videos Page for Erica’s renditions of AMAZING GRACE!

In Erica’s Words:

“Over the decades that I’ve been singing, I’ve attended many an event where folks only needed (or wanted) me to sing one or two songs.  I’ve sung at weddings, birthdays,  anniversaries, and many other functions where not a lot of music was needed, but was a wonderful addition to the event”.  She often sings these events acapella, but also has resources to bring an acoustic guitar player, if the situation requires it.

Erica has sung “The Star-Spangled Banner” at many public functions, including opening a Denver Nuggets game at the Pepsi Center with her rousing rendition.  Let us know if you’d like Erica to sing for YOUR event!!

Erica particularly has a heart for those who are grieving. She has contributed her voice to both funerals and celebrations of life. She has been honored to be present at the bedsides of both the old and young, to sing that special song that eases the hearts and souls of both patient and family.  Please know we treat these situations with the utmost care and empathy for all involved.  She considers it a blessing that she can help families with her gift.  Please contact us with your situation, and we can discuss it.

Please note that this page is EXACTLY what it means.  For these situations, NO MORE than two songs are ever sung.  For full band shows, please go to our booking page and send fill out the form.  Thank you!

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