Blues Matters Review of Tangled Road Again

Blues Matters, the UK’s largest Blues Magazine reviews Tangled Road Again:

Tangled Road Again
P&C Plan-It Records

The clue to the music within lies in the name. The Afrosippi Band offer a blend of both the traditional and the modern day blues. They are fronted by guitarist and harmonica player, Dan Trea…nor, who was taught to play the harp by fellow GI in the Mekong Delta, and he has since spent a lifetime of playing and living the blues. In 2012 he was the recipient of the Keeping The Blues Alive award from the blues Foundation. Right from the opening slide guitar and spoken statement that the blues came from Africa a long time ago, giving us R&B and Rock’N’Roll, this CD hits hard. Tangled Road Again is a straightforward field holler, a work song with call and response, but it is the voice of lead vocalist Erica Brown that shines through. This lady has the power and depth that could easily see her elevated to the ranks of Diva. The band is extremely well drilled and throughout is comfortable with either the up-tempo numbers or the emotionally charged soulful ballads such as Nothing Can Take The Place Of You. There is also a backing singer in the band who can front the vocals and who brings a slightly different dynamic to the microphone as shown in the rocker Dynamite or the hauntingly slow Your Going To Miss Me. Merrian Johnson is an accomplished vocalist and her version of Koko’s Wang Dang Doodle, menaces in the same way as the original. Cajun style inflects on Hey Mister with the use of violin and accordion and the accordion is used in a very haunting and stylish way on I Want Love. Together this is a quality release and one that all blues lovers should give a listen to.
Merv Osborne